A World Without Plate Tectonics

This article describes how the world would be if the plates werent constantly moving.

Well, a world without plate tectonics is a world without earthquakes. Also without the mantle moving in a circle it would mean that we would not have the Earth today. We would still have Pangaea on the Earth some other continent formation we haven’t discovered. The world would be without mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, and volcanoes, which are the things that amaze us about this world today. Also there are some benefits, there would be no earthquakes, tsunamis, liquefaction, or landslides.

The Earth is an amazing planet it is one of the only planets that can support human life or at least out of the ones that we have discovered. A world without any volcanoes then we not have the Hawaiian islands or some of the other islands. Also we would not have land if was not for volcanoes. Volcanoes are essential for life on land, which is basically for mammals.  We would not have continents, states, countries or government if volcanoes were not on Earth. Also without the rest of the benefits with plate tectonics this Earth would be a boring planet.

Well the benefits could help but think about the things could happen if we did have plate tectonics. Well here are some of the good things we could live without fear of our houses being destroyed, never being killed by smoke from volcanoes erupting, not being drowned by tsunamis, or being covered and crushed by landslides. I think there are less positives then negatives if there weren’t plate tectonics.


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