10 Important Reasons to Protect Trees!

Nature is always blissful to us and benefits us in many ways. In fact our own existence is dependent on nature and trees play an important role in our existence and in fulfilling our necessities.

While it is very important to grow trees, it is also important to protect them and keep the balance of nature intact. Let us have a quick look at 10 important reasons to protect trees:

  • Trees produces oxygen for human beings and without them human race will become extinct.
  • Trees helps in cleaning the soil and the pollutants in the soil are converted to less harmful form.
  • The pollution in the air created due to vehicles and other agents is easily cleared and cleanse through trees.
  • Trees act as shade during summer for many animals.
  • Trees provide shelter to animals that live in nests or burrows.
  • Wood extracted from trees is helpful in making houses and furniture but at the same time we must take care that we do not cut trees out of greed and harm the environment.
  • Trees have the capacity of holding the water underground and it also helps in cases of soil-erosion.
  • The direct impact of Ultraviolet ray s is greatly hampered and reduced to great effect by trees.
  • Trees can help us in reducing the global warming effect that is increasing day by day on earth.
  • Trees provide fruits, vegetables and other items that help us in surviving by obtaining energy for our body.
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2 Responses to “10 Important Reasons to Protect Trees!”
  1. webseowriters Says...

    On December 9, 2010 at 5:56 am

    A nice share buddy, well done

  2. Freethinking Says...

    On December 9, 2010 at 6:39 am

    I plant seedlings every year. I’ve even donated, through the Arbor Foundation, the planting of trees in the name of other people.

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