Earthquakes and Volcanoes: What Exactly is Happening Inside This Planet

With just one massive Earthquake, an entire continent could be wiped out, producing a Tsunami to destroy other continents around the world.

Whether it is an earthquake, or a volcano under the outer crust of our beautiful planet earth, there is a lot of activity going on, from rocks and slates moving to very hot liquid lava seeping through the crevices, and sometimes too much shifts to fast and the devastation is horrendous.

            We all take our planet for granted; we never stop to realize the magnitude of its power, starting with the earth’s core. The earth at its core is so hot that it is liquid, which flows through the cracks and crevices of the entire planet. As this liquid finds it way to the surface it find the weakest points. These weakest points over time build up so much pressure that it explodes; a once quiet volcano now becomes alive with fury. Hot liquid is thrown toward the ski, falls back to the earth down the side of the mountain, and flows along, a river of red-hot lava. Some volcanoes have been silent for many years, while others erupted on more regular basics.  Most of Hawaii’s islands were formed by an under water volcano eruption, some of the volcanoes are still active with the largest and most active one being Mauna-Lao, in Hawaii. When a volcano erupts it destroys everything and anything in the path of the hot lava, igniting fires along its way. As the red-hot lava cools, it darkens, becoming very black and hard stones. Volcanoes may be a lovely place to visit, according to many travelers; but I would never choose to live anyplace within a fifty miles radius.

Lava after it has cooled

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Within the earth is made of many levels, from the inner core, to the outer part, which is called the Crust.  The inner core is where the liquid hot lava flows, the outer crust in what we see no matter what part of the earth we travel. In between those two layers there is a lot going on. The layer under the crust is called the mantle, which is made up of very dense rock. Some of these rocks are thick slates, while others are huge boulders that are always moving, just as the earth is always spinning. With the slates of stone, huge boulders and liquid hot lava constantly moving, there is a constant creation of pressure building; causing slates and boulders to clash, and “fight”, to occupy the same space. As these items move, plates of stone will bend, as boulders push forward; over time the pressure becomes so intense that the stone plate can no longer bend, and it snaps, creating a shift of stones, and slates, causing what we call an earth quake.

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  1. Jenny Heart Says...

    On July 17, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Thanks for reminding us about these everyday possible accurances. It can happen.We better just pray it doesn’t.

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