Catastrophes in The World

Here is a short article that one might find interesting. Try putting things together and you decide.

I might be wrong, but I think that the world is open to suggestion.

The world has seen many recent catastrophes such as earth quakes, floods, droughts, solar storms, extreme snow storms,tsunamis, and massive mudslides, not to mention some volcanic eruptions.

Perhaps the world has seen all these things in the past, but I can’t remeber a time when it all seemed to be happening at once.

I have also considered the birds that fell out of the sky for no apparent reason and the masses of dead fish that were discovered.

These are all too closely connected because of the time frame in which all these catastrophes have happened.

We are certainly dealing with something that has never occurred, or at least has never been documented.

The world is in an economic crisis and I feel that too many things are going on at once for any human to grasp.

The world is definitely headed for destruction, rather we are th cause or rather it is from natural disasters that would have occurred anyhow.

Things are happening all over the world. This includes things that most people may not be aware of.

I can’t say that I am a believer in the 2012 prophecies, but things seem to be changing throughout the world. Our own government would not tell us if there was a natural disaster about to happen if they knew of its coming. I say this because they know how the worlds people would react. People would lock down the phone lines with overloads of calls. There would be very little communication for millions due to this.

There would also be looting, killing, and who knows what else.

This would put the world out of control, causing world marshal law.

So, could the things in this article be far fetched or does it seem that the world is changing?

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