Blackberry App.: A GPS Like The Others (But Better)

Take a Dacia Duster without GPS, a trip to Morocco, Casablanca as a starting point, type the coordinates N31 W4 52,536 08,441 to end point and some 550km to go. Question: how to reach their destination without getting lost? The answer seems simple: Take a portable GPS! Yes, but in the quantity of models, which offer a card with Morocco for a reduced cost, since the equipment will be really useful in a single day. At this point the only thing certain is that this is the perfect opportunity to see if phone (ie my valiant Blackberry 9700) is able to get us out of business, and share the experience with you.

The App. World is not deemed to be the “store” as provided in applications. However, the amount is not quality, and can usually find something. On the advice of my pilot days, the search is made first to a “Marine GPS” in order to enter the coordinates in N / W. The application (fee) “Pro GPS Guru” seems to do the trick. In practice, the software stubbornly refuse to work. We then turn to software that looks like a Swiss Army knife: Wisepilot.

If it provides the basic functions of a conventional GPS, it serves primarily to access in one click with numerous maps Navteq. Those for Europe are of course present, but there is also South Africa, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand and Morocco …! This course has a cost, but remains moderate since it is possible to buy a license for a fixed period: 1 day to 1 € 50, € 3 for one week, one month for 5 or € 95 final purchase for € 59 95. For daily use, both to buy a real GPS, but for occasional travel around the globe, “rental” of a card is finally an economical and practical.

In use, the software offers no surprises. While the cards do not have a detailed view type “Google Earth”, but to get out of Casablanca, or to guide them on long road network in Morocco, the design is perfectly readable on the small screen of the Blackberry. And guiding is done with the usual synthetic female voice that we love so much. Another advantage is that it is not necessary to let the “data” enabled. Almost all of the course was conducted in mode “airplane”, which will reduce the bill nicely at the end of the month.

0311_Wisepilot_3 Regarding the route, we entered the departure city and a city close to the coordinates of arrival. This ability to enter data N / W really makes the software very flexible, much more than many conventional GPS. Small flat anyway, so these coordinates are not located on a road (in our case it was necessary to reach a camp on a very wide median strip), it will be impossible to calculate the route. But the software will accept anyway to display the location defined, you’re on your own to cover the last mile.

In the end, Wisepilot is an excellent application, given to all the services of a GPS, and adapting to your needs through a set of options readily available. The program is available on many devices, and wide screens of some mobile adapt better to use. In case of heavy use it will always prefer a “real” GPS. But for globe-trotting Sunday driving by rental car options uncertain, Wisepilot’s interest to remain registered in the middle of all these programs that are certainly open occasionally, but are very useful.

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