After Mega-quake Off Sumatra Tsunami Alert!

The people in the holiday paradise in the Indian Ocean to breathe.

Earthquake off Sumatra, people flee from tsunami

Relief in Banda Aceh, the tsunami warning was lifted in the afternoon

Sumatra (Indonesia) – After the mega-quake of magnitude 8.7 in Sumatra can breathe a sigh of the people in the island paradise on the Indian Ocean: On Wednesday afternoon, the tsunami warning was canceled!

The severe earthquake and an aftershock of magnitude 8.1 had in the entire region of the Indian Ocean aroused fears of a tsunami. People ran in panic in the streets. Memories of the catastrophe of 2004 were monitored.

In the afternoon, lifted the Pacific Warning Centre and the competent Indonesian Institute of the tsunami warning again. In the worst affected province of Aceh, the sea level rose by less than one meter.

Indonesia’s civil protection agency said the earthquake and the aftershocks were triggered only small tsunamis.

The seismic shocks to clock 10.38 CET were also felt in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangkok. The Tsunami Warning Center had called on all countries around the Indian Ocean to keep looking for signs of a giant wave on the lookout.

Earthquake off Sumatra, people flee from tsunami

Shortly after the tsunami warning: people running away in panic, fled in cars and on motorcycles to higher ground

15.15 Clock: All clear for countries around the Indian Ocean: The Tsunami Warning Centre has canceled its call for increased vigilance tsunami. It was indeed a tsunami was triggered, said the center in Hawaii. However, no increased risk was more for the coastal regions.

14.47 Clock: The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) warns of aftershocks. In the coming months is expected to further aftershocks. Already on 10 January this year, the region was rocked by an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 and a few aftershocks.

14.39 Clock: Small tidal waves reach the coast of Indonesia, “Our buoys and tide gauge mini-tsunamis have registered,” said a spokesman for the Indonesian earthquake observatory. There have been at least three such tsunamis. The highest was in Meulaboh in western Aceh province registered on the island of Sumatra. “It was 80 centimeters high,” said the spokesman.

14.24 Clock: The German Research Centre for Geosciences is also after the second quake off the coast of Sumatra, not from a strong tsunami danger. The strength of the quake had a total of less developed than previously feared, scientists said the Potsdam Rainer child.

14.19 Clock: The Government of Tanzania has issued a tsunami warning for its Indian Ocean coast.

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