Why The Sun Shines So Bright

Why does the sun shine the way it does? I mean its thousands of kilometers away. I strive to come up with the most ridiculous reason I can think of, to answer this question.

The sun.

A big ball of burning gas in the sky.

What gas does it burn? Scientists say hydrogen.


It is commonly known among aliens and other life forms (not including humans) that suns actually burn a different element, not known to the human periodic table yet. The element is known as Jampurdium, or if it was on our periodic table, J. (As the periodic table has no J on it already, true fact.)

Jampurdium, first discovered by the startians, (an alien life form that live on the surface of stars), is a highly toxic gas (not toxic to the startians, of course) and it burns brighter than anything else, including magnesium.

This gas also releases tremendous heat, the reaches all the way out to earth, and right now just happens to be melting our polar ice caps.

Scientists have retreived a sample of frozen jampurdium by satalite, and are currently performing multiple tests on it.

It is estimated that these tests will be completed by the year 2017, and jampurdium can be put onto the periodic table, right next to zorglium, which will be put in in 2014.

I hope this gives people a bit of insight onto the reason the sun shines so brightly, but as the tests have not been concluded yet, there is not much I can say on the matter.

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