The Importance of Properties of Matter

Are the characteristic properties important to us? The answer is fairly simple. The scientific information we studied from “Lab 1.3” was based on identifying substances using “Characteristics properties, and Workplace Hazardous Materials (WHMIS)”.

The basic 15 physical properties and 2 chemical properties of matter demonstrate to us about how matter is physically and chemically affected in many ways. This STSE will display the effects and importance of characteristics properties.

If you want to learn more general reasons as to why science is important. You have to take a look here. It is a must read!

In Science, the 15 basic physical properties are Colour, Texture, Odour, Lustre, Clarity, Taste, Hardness, Malleability, Ductility, Melting and Boiling points, Crystal Form, Solubility, Viscosity, Density and States of matter. Mostly every material and substance has colour. For example, a car can be red, blue, green, or white. Water for instance is transparent and doesn’t have a colour. Every Matter contains texture either if it’s smooth, rough, fine, gritty, etc. A tree has a quiet rough texture, but when it is cut and paper is formed, the texture of the paper is smooth. A matter can have an odour (smell) depending on what the textile is. Silver is an example of luster, since it is shiny. Lustre is to measure the shininess of an object. Clarity is to determine the visibility of a material or a substance.

Taste is the flavor of a substance which is one of the five senses in a human. One of the many physical properties is hardness, which assess of how easily a solid can be scratched. Marble is a solid which is very difficult to scratch, while wood can be scratched easily even with our finger nails. Malleability relates to how any type of solid substance can be molded into different varieties of solids. Gold for instants is very Malleable because it is very soft, which is why when a ring is made of gold, it is never pure gold. Other materials are used to help gold from being molded. Ductility is the ability of a substance to be stretched. Melting and boiling points are the temperature at which a substance dissolves or heats up. Water’s boiling point is at 100 C and an ice cube melts at 0 C. Also, there is a property called “Crystal Form”, explains how crystals are formed with the combination of many diverse types of minerals.

In addition, ice is soluble to water due to the reaction of the particles of the ice which dissolve. Solubility is a very common property that demonstrates how one substance dissolves into another. As well as, Viscosity is a property which displays how the “thickness” of a liquid effects its ability to flow. Lastly, Density and the three States of matter clarify the changes that a material or a substance undergoes. Density is a mass of a given volume of a material and the states of matter are the three stages solid, liquid and gas. An ice cube changes its states by melting into water, and then evaporating into the air.

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