The Chemical Name of Water

An explanation of what water is.

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Most people when you ask them refer to water as “H2O” or also also would call it Hydrogen Oxide which again is wrong.

As water H2O=2 Hydrogen molecules, 1 Oxygen molecule.

This would mean rather than being called Hydrogen Oxide as most people would think it is called the actual two names of water is:

Hydrogen Hydroxide:This fits in with the chemical formula of H2O and the name shows it as well as it tells us that there is “Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen molecule.

The other is called Dihydrogen Monoxide. Though this is technically correct this chemical name is rarely used as it is like a hoax it is considered not right, though is technically correct.

I would just stick to calling it water in a lesson unless you are writing chemical equations. Or if you just want to look clever then feel free to call it any of these two.

EDIT – The IUPAC name given for water is oxidane though water is also just as commonly used.

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