About Pewter.

  1. Pewter is a soft metal
  2. Pewter consists of tin, lead, copper, antimony, bismuth, silver, zinc and many others
  3. Pewter’s melting temperature is 231.88°C or 449.38°F
  4. The material that is removed in the manufacture of “modern” pewter is carbon
  5. In the 12th century pewter was mostly used for plates, cutlery, jewellery and goblets
  6. The oldest pewter comes from Egypt and was found in Egyptian tombs over 3500 years old
  7. Here are five items that could be made of pewter, Jewellery, plates, goblets, cutlery and tankards
  8. The ageing of pewter means when the pewter had been made to look old
  9. The main material in pewter is tin. .
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