Branches of Science

Branches of Science.

1.      PHYSICS

Aeronautics - study of aircraft which includes design, building and operation

Astrophysics – concerned with the study of the physical properties and motion of the stars and other celestial bodies

Geophysics – study of the physical aspects of the earth

Mechanics – study of the effects of forces on matter

Nuclear Physics – concerned with the study of nuclei and other related phenomena

Quantum Mechanics – concerned with theory of the interrelation and interaction of matter and electromagnetic radiation

Thermodynamics – related with heat energy to other forms of energy


Biochemistry – study of the chemistry of living things

Inorganic Chemistry – deals with compounds that do not contain carbon

Organic Chemistry – deals with carbon containing compounds

Qualitative Analysis – concerned with the chemical analysis of a substance to determine what materials are present in the substance

Quantitative Analysis – concerned about chemical analysis of a substance to determine how much of each specific element or compound


Anatomy – study of all the structure details of various parts of the body

Anthropology – study of man’s development and way of living

Bacteriology – study of bacteria

Botany – study of plants

Cytology- study of cells

Ecology – study of animals in relation to their environment

Embryology – study of individual development from fertilized egg to adult form

Forestry – concerned with the management of animal and plant life and the water in forests

Genetics – study of heredity and variation

Histology – study of the microscopic structures of living organisms

Marine Biology – study of living organisms occurring in the ocean

Morphology – study of animal structures

Pathology – study of the origin, nature and treatment of various animal diseases

Pharmacology – study of drugs such as preparation, physiological properties and medical use

Physiology – study of the normal function of living things or their organs

Taxonomy – study of animal classification

Zoology – study of animal life


Astronomy – science of celestial bodies

Geology – study of structures, composition and history of the earth

Meteorology – scientific study of the atmosphere, weather and climate including their interpretation and predication

Paleontology – study of animal distribution on the earth through their geologicak age

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