Aspects of Humanity

A treatise about the four main aspects of humanity. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects reveal our whole being and how we integrate into our environment. The degree to which we understand each aspect is how it will affect our being as a whole.

It has been observed by many philosophers that humans, over the course of history, have displayed many different types of behaviors. These aggregate behaviors constitute our humanity. What is humanity? It is the collective behavioral expressions of all human beings. Whether the behavior is considered bad or good, all of these expressions represent different aspects of human behavior. Aspects are qualities or characteristics of human behavior. They are based on observations of those with different perspectives. Perspectives are conclusions based on one’s viewpoint of an event, circumstance or occurrence. Viewpoints are a result of one’s individual internal chemistry and stimulus-response learning that occurs in a person’s external surroundings. The old argument of Heredity vs. Environment comes to mind where observers argue which one determines how we act. Both heredity and environment play significant roles in human behavior.

What are the aspects of humanity? They are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expressions or behaviors of humankind. Physical aspects represent the human body and its chemistry. We need physical sustenance in order to survive. We need air to breathe, water to drink, food to fuel our growth and exercise to provide the maintenance of our bodies. If we deprive, restrict or ignore the physical needs of our bodies, our bodies respond with chemical reactions that affect other aspects of our beings.

Our emotional aspects result from physical chemical reactions that affect our nervous system. Our sympathetic nervous system feels input from our environment and transfers electrical signals to the brain. The brain then reacts to these inputs and creates thoughts. Every thought in your brain is the result of a chemical reaction to your internal chemistry or electrical stimulus in your sympathetic nervous system from experiences in your external environment.  These chemical reactions create electrical charges that manifest a picture or copy of your experience in your brain; a perception of your internal chemistry or your external environment. The copy is NOT reality; it is an electrical representation of reality. Our brains then compare these inputs to the results of previous experiences and they create chemical secretions that either result in a fight or flight reaction to an event. The emotional aspect of your being is a reaction to internal or external conditions. The reaction is carried out by the central nervous system.

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