A Timeline of Atomic Theory and Important People

A timeline I spend around six hours making; it shows 11 people, who, through their research formed modern atomic theory and what the world around us is made from.

Text version:

Democritus – 470-360 BC —-> Theorized that everything is made from atoms. These atoms are indivisible and are the smallest piece of an element. He thought there was an unlimited number of atoms, and an unlimited variety of atoms.

Dalton 1800 A.D. —-> Had 5 main theories about atoms;

1. All matter is composed of atoms

2. Atoms of a given element are all exactly the same

3. Atoms cannot be divided, created or destroyed

4. Atoms of different elements combine to form compounds

5. Chemical Reactions involve the combination, separation and re-arrangement of atoms.

Mendeleev 1869 —-> Designed and arranged the Periodic Table. The elements were arranged into 7 groups of similar physical properties.

Becquerel —> Discovered nuclear radiation in 1896

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