When Does a Tiger Attack a Man?

Yes, the tigers do not even spare the human beings. One can learn a lot on the maneaters from the works of Kenneth Anderson or Jim Corbett.



A big cat has been gifted with enigmatic beauty and wild ferocity. There are innumerable stories describing unbelievable magnitude of strength held within amazing flexibility of its joints and muscles. Tigers belong to the group of the most violent animals. They have been seen to kill different kind of animals.


Tigers love to live alone and they love to live away from the human settlements. They need forests infested with varieties of animals and forests with some water body in the neighborhood. As the very important members of the cat family they are always good hunters. But they are not always intelligent and brave.


Tigers wait for a lone animal and jump over it in opportune moment. They do not attack anyone when the target is in a group. Thus tigers are to some extent coward too. Fact it is that they take time to locate a lone target. In case of humans they select the unarmed ones.

Yes, they do not even spare the human beings. One can learn a lot on the maneaters from the works of Kenneth Anderson or Jim Corbett. In the Kumaun Himalayas Champawat Maneater was a tigress and she was killed by Jim Corbett after she had killed 436 men. The tigers of the Sunderban National Park in the West Bengal state of India kill 30 men a year in average. Still true it is that men are not in their preference list.

Tigers do not like any external interference. When they are disturbed either by the hunters or by the enthusiast photographers they feel disgusted and they growl to declare inherent anger. All these in course of time prompt them to attack the human beings.


They are hunters by nature. But when they grow old they cannot run fast enough to catch the target. The hungry tigers enter the human settlements adjacent to the forests in search of food. Men are their easy target and they learn then that men may be killed and men are thus added to their food items.


Sometimes it happens with the aging tigers that they have developed weakened teeth and wounded paws. Now they find it difficult to tear apart the flesh of animals of the forests and they take a new attempt on men and find good food. Aged maneaters have been found to have missing canines and broken upper molars.                                                          


When the tigers do not find animals in the forests because of undesirable change in the ecology or when the food-chain in some territory is found to have been broken, the tigers move towards the neighboring human settlements in quest of food. Naturally, they start with a goat or a cow and one day they attack the men too.


Tigers, it has been told earlier, are not really intelligent although exceptions are there. They, at the start, are not at all aware of the fact that men may be included within their food range. Men may also be attacked by the tigers because of some mistaken adventures. Yes, they do attack men by mistake too. But this gives them a new lesson regarding their food world.


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    The old tiger picture is stunning.

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    The Tigeress with cubs photo belongs me, Dr. Tarique Sani (http://tariquesani.net). You are displaying it here without any explicit attribution or permission. Kindly add an attribution as required by my Creative Commons License, or remove the photograph immediately.

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