What Happened to the Mammoths?

For centuries, scientists have been trying to answer this question. Here is an idea of what could have happened.

Scientists hit a real turning point recently. A turning point in which it is possible a huge question may be answered sometime in the near future. It is always a great question to scientists why some living creatures that lived long ago went extinct. It’s very hard to answer a question like this because it was so long ago. However, last May a mammoth calf was uncovered in Northern Siberia. The six-month old calf’s remains uncovered, Lyuba, is the best preserved mammoth ever found. The remains found have been said to have to have been frozen for some 37,500 years. Little did the scientists know, they uncovered remains that this month, have led them closer to discovering a mystery of the past.

On January 4th, of this year, scientists quoted that “the frozen remains of a six-month-old mammoth may show humans why the species became extinct.” The reason for this is because last month the mammoth remains underwent a CT scan. The CT scan created 3D images of inside the calf’s preserved body. The scans that the CT scan took will eventually be used in order to tell the reason why the mammoth died. Maybe this will uncover the secret to the extinction of the mammoths? For many years scientists have debated the reason to why mammoths went extinct. Could it be a climate change of over-hunting from humans? The question has gone unanswered for a long time now. Perhaps the mystery the woolly mammoth’s extinction will be uncovered because of the

newly examined remains. “This is what we’ve all been waiting for,” says one of the leaders of the international study, Naoki Suzuki.

In my opinion, I believe that evidence of animals of the past preserved in ice is the best way to possibly learn about them. I think it is really cool how scientists are able to look at things today, thousands of years later, and be able to tell details down to what the animal/species enjoyed to eat. Discoveries such as Lyuba are important because everyone is curous to know what happened to the magnificent animals of the past and why they all died out. Once the details to the CT scan are available, I will be very curious to know what was found out.

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