We Bought a Zoo – Movie Review

Movie review of the movie We Bought a Zoo.

We Bought A Zoo is a lovely family movie, it was based on a real life story and Matt Damon plays Benjamin Mee.

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He works as a journalist, travelling to all sorts of places and writing articles on people’s lives. He has two children: Dylan Mee played by Colin Ford (who plays a young Sam Winchester in the television show Supernatural) and Rosie Mee played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones.

Colin Ford portrays the Young Sam Winchester. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Benjamin’s wife has died and he is finding it difficult to look after his two children and as a journalist is finding that they want to cut down on newspapers and go online. Meaning he would have to cut back on his travelling and writing and go online as well which is not what he wants to do. He quits his job and looks to start somewhere new with his kids.  Thus he ends up buying a zoo.

The zoo is an old run down place but the animals are looked after by a team of keepers and they are waiting for a buyer to bring in money and help them to fix things and take care of the cute little critters. 

Lonely Monkey Ape at Zoo (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Scarlett Johansson stars as Kelly the zoo’s manager, a feisty woman who spends all her time at the woman and finds hope in Benjamin that he will fix the zoo and bring it back to it’s glory days.

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This is a heart warming film and the actors and actresses are amazing. Matt Damon is great as the dad and brings a lot of drama and emotions into play throughout. I can imagine that at the end of the movie everyone was emotionally spent.

Benjamin and Rosie have a really great relationship, she’s 7 years old and loves being at the zoo. Dylan is 14 but is having trouble with showing his emotions and hates the zoo. He takes it out by drawing graphic gruesome pictures which gets him expelled from his school.

The little girl, Maggie, is too cute but says some grown up things and helps her dad to realize things he wouldn’t have realized if she hadn’t said it. Colin is great as moody Dylan and he and Matt have great scenes together which make you want to hug them both.

Scarlett is great as Kelly and again she works really well with Matt and they have some wonderful moments and realizations just seem to pop up and they really do show how much they care for one another as the movie progresses.

This is a great film to watch but you will need tissues if you are a crier! Just something to remember the film by, my favourite quote is from Benjamin Mee, this is one to remember and he says it to his son:  All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen. I promise. 

Liked it
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    I really do want to see this one, thank you for the review, or in my case, preview review. :)

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