Top 10 Longest & Shortest Living Organisms: Including Humans

Here are lists of organisms like insects, animals, and all sorts of things that are fun to know! Like for the animal group the longest living animal is Quahog (clam that is marine)! I thought was turtles, but a clam is older than a turtle!

1. Quahog (marine clam) 200 years. These clams in the native to the eastern shores of North America. In order to get these clams you need to dig them up in the mud becuase they hide in the mude to protect themselves form predator!

2. Giant tortoise 150 years. The giant tortoise has two relatives which is the Egyptian tortoise, and the Galapagos giant tortoise. They can weigh up to 254 kg!

3. Greek tortoise 110 years. Greek tortoise is known for there color gold becuase, of the shell is trimed. There shy, at the same time they like to bury themself in the dirt.

4. Killer whale 90 years. The Killer whale is one of the most furousous, and very visous! They eat many aquadic animals, and guess what! They even eat whales! There teeth are 4 inches long, and they usally like swimming in cold water (really cold).

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  1. Littlekid137 Says...

    On June 23, 2009 at 10:47 am

    That is some old things.. Great Article!

  2. Anthony Says...

    On January 26, 2012 at 5:36 am

    Actually, the oldest quahog clam that has so far been found was over 400 years old. Also, bowhead whales may live to be over 200 years old and blue whales can live to be over 100 (though rare)…Of course, the oldest human (so far) was only 123 when she died; quite young by comparison. :-)

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