Tiger and Leopard Animals

Unlike most other cats, tigers are fond of water. They are good swimmers and enjoy swimming.

Image by Eustaquio Santimano via Flickr

The tiger is the largest living member of the cat family, followed by the lion and the leopard. Just as the lion rules supreme in the African wilds, so is the tiger the undisputed king of the Indian forest.

He excels the lion in the grace and beauty of its form and movements. Tigers like to live in thick forests. In India tigers live in the open grassland. They prefer living in long grass during the day. Their body stripes help them hide easily as they are almost the same color as the grass and the shadows around it.

Unlike most other cats, tigers are fond of water. They are good swimmers and enjoy swimming. Sometimes, they float lazily in the water and then roll on the sand like playful kittens.   

Tigers can run quite fast but only for short distance. That is why they do not chase their prey. They stalk their prey. Many times, a tiger’s prey escapes. Leopards chase their prey through the forest. They are fast runners.

Leopard hunt animals like monkeys and dogs. They will also take a goat whenever they get chance. It is the ability to climb that makes the leopards so dangerous to monkeys.

Leopards can lie in the plains as well as in the mountains. They are wary cunning animals who have learnt to perfection the art of concealing themselves. They prefer thick forests. Their spots make it difficult to detect when they are crouching in a leafy tree. The tiger prefers long grass, which means coming into the open more often. So they are killed by men for their skin and other body parts. There are very few left in India, but there are still a lot of leopards around.

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