The King Cobra: Fact File of This Great Snake

King Cobra is the longest, poisonous snake in the world. A bite by this extremely dangerous animal noble animal can be fatal.

A bite by this noble animal can be fatal. King Cobra, the longest poisonous snake in the world, can be an extremely dangerous predator. Slithering across the sand, camouflaged, until they are stepped on, when they raise themselves up to 8 feet……and strikes! This Hooded Killer is extremely dangerous to all types of animals around the world.

The Life of the King Cobra

The King Cobra, also known as the “Ophiophogus Hannah”, is the largest type of venomous snake in the world. Their color is usually a pale olive or yellow olive colour. Their length usually can be up to 19 feet! Their fangs are extremely long, sometimes, it can grow more than 0.5 inches long! The King Cobra is one of the many known snakes in the world. Their length usually can be up to 19 feet long! Their fangs are extremely long, sometimes growing than 0.5 inches in length! The King Cobra is one of the many known snakes in the world.

The King Cobra, even though fierce is a very shy animal. They live throughout the South- Western Asia and the East Indies. They are deaf, like all other snakes and hunts at all times of day, but rarely seen at night. This dangerous reptile usually eats lizards, but eats snakes as well, including poisonous snakes! They use their forked tongues to smell, and can smell blood over a mile long.

What Does the King Cobra Do Everyday?

Slithering across the sand, with their hood open wide, ready to strike, but they do not attack for just for fun. King Cobras only attack when they need food, or is feeling threatened. Sometimes, when a King Cobra accidently tramples over another King Cobra’s territory, they might start wrestling. They wrestle with their head, and the first one to push the other’s head down wins.

King Cobras are not much of a social animal. It usually prefers to hunt alone, unless he or she is mating. Living through out Southern-Asia in swampy marsh areas, sometimes having the temperature rise to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, the cobra’s main defence is his/her poison. His poison may not be as lethal as some other snakes, but when forced to, he may deliver enough poison to kill an elephant or 10 people!

The Deadly Venom of the Cobra

The venom is a very important part of his body, because, without it, it will be almost impossible to catch food and they will most likely die of starvation. The King Cobra’s venom is mostly composed of proteins and polypeptides. When bitten by the King Cobra, the venom is sent out through your body, and stuns your nervous system. When your nervous system stops, it usually stops your breathing. It would be fatal if any animal gets bitten by this deadly animal.

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