The Drop Bear – Australia’s Most Vicious Marsupial

The Drop Bear is an elusive and deadly animal native only to Australia. The drop bear is not only one of the most dangerous animals in Australia, it is also one of the most secretive.

The Drop Bear will not be found in any zoo around the world. It isn’t written about in national geographic. In fact there is very little information anywhere on this elusive killing machine. Yet, ask any Swedish backpacker about to head into the Australian outback, what they are most fearful of. The reply will almost certainly be the deadly Drop Bear.

Drop Bear – What is It?

The Drop Bear is a marsupial found in the Australian bushland. It is renown for it’s ability to attack it’s prey with complete surprise and unnerving efficiency. It gets its name from the way in which it attacks its prey, silently dropping from the tree canopy onto the unsuspecting creature below. If the impact of the attack doesn’t deliver a deadly blow to the unsuspecting creature below, then the razor sharp claws and teeth finish the job in moments. 

The method of attack accounts for the ‘Drop’ in the name Drop Bear. The ‘Bear’ comes from the creatures similarity in appearance to the cute and cuddly Koala Bear. 

Drop Bear – Origins

The genetic ancestry of the Drop Bear is still cloudy due to the lack of genetic material available to scientists for examination. Several things can be ascertained through the limited evidence that does exist. It appears that the common koala bear at some time in the last 1 million years was interbred, either naturally or by the native Aboriginal population, with the equally elusive Bunyip. The Bunyip is another reclusive yet highly dangerous Australian animal which preys on the unsuspecting visitors to the Ozzy outback.

The result of the interbreeding between the Bunyip and the Koala Bear is what we today know as the Drop Bear. This is not the first time that interbreeding animals has resulted in a ghastly outcome, and it is unlikely to be the last.

Drop Bear – Appearance

While the Drop Bear does resemble the Koala, it is certainly easily distinguishable. The Drop Bear is approximately twice the size of the common koala bear. The Drop Bear also has extremely sharp teeth that can be seen in a vicious snarl, usually just before it rips your face off.

Unlike the Koala, which survives on a diet of eucalyptus leaves, the Drop Bear is completely carnivorous. As such you will generally only see koalas in eucalyptus trees, but Drop Bears will reside in any tree that offers them the camouflage they desire.

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