The Devil Dragon

Megalania, the largest lizard that ever lived, supposedly went extinct 40,000 years ago. But did it?

Megalania (great roamer) is a giant extinct monitor lizard that supposedly died out 40,000 years ago.  But sightings of the lizard continue to come in from Australia and New Guinea.  It has been reported many times in the past thirty years.  In 1979, herpatologist Frank Gordon saw a lizard that was over 30 feet long.  A farmer spotted a 25 foot long lizard walking along one of his fields. 

There have also been strange and unsolved disappearances of people accompanied by animal footprints.  A Queensland farmer found bones of Megalaniawhich only date back 300 years.  Most scientists believe the reports of living Megalania are false.  They point out that the sightings only began after the species was described in scientific journals thirty years ago.  Others suggest that lizards the size of Megalania would be unable to evolve and live today because of the lack of megafauna in their present environment.  I also believe that some of the sightings are misidentified crocodiles and Komodo dragons.

The Megalania is most closely related to the Komodo.  It was probably about 15 feet long and weighed about 730 pounds,  and was the largest lizard that ever lived.  Megalania had venom glands along its jawline.  It could see over long distances but it was better at seeing moving objects, and used its claws for ripping open the flesh of carcasses. 

When Aborigines arrived in Australia 40,000 to 125,000 years ago, they encountered Megalania.  It was probably intelligent, as monitor lizards tend to be. 

After you take out hoaxes, hysteria, lack of large prey and misidentified animals, I think there is a 60% chance that there are some living Megalania in Australia and New Guinea.  In fact, they may have evolved into a larger animal.  I believe that a large, comprehensive search by open minded scientists may turn up some interesting results. 

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