The African Grey Elephant

The African elephant is the largest elephant in the world and now a protected species because of hunters killing them for their tusks. They roam around the African plain in the search for water in the dry seasons.

The African Grey Elephant

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The African Grey Elephant

This migration was always lead by the elephant because of their intelligence and their amazing memory, they knew from the teachings or their elders where to go and how to get there. Along the way they would remember where the water holes are and the best feeding grounds where. They knew the route like the back of their trunks and the other animals would follow them knowing that this was the thing to do. The elephants even remembered where the best spot was to cross a river. This great walk came from Namibia and Botswana all the way up to Chad and Sudan and Nigeria.

Elephants have the average life expectancy of 70 years just like we do in fact, they more or less live like we do and think like we do. They keep together in family groups and protect the women and children first. The typical elephant reaches puberty at the age of eight to thirteen and adolescence grows out of them at the age of seventeen. The males break off into bachelor groups at this age, when they reach their final destination they mix with other groups of elephants and join their heard for the long walk back. An elephant pregnancy can last up to two and a half years and they usually only have the one calf but they have been known to have twins. They can conceive up until the age of fifty.

As the males break away from the heard the females stay with the young elephants as babysitters this shows the adolescent females how to care for their own young when it comes about. The females are in charge of young teaching them just what they have learned coming up along with the heard this puts stability in the heard. The male elephant known as the bull is the leader teaching the new males that enter the heard the rules of his family, showing them all the feeding grounds he was shown by his father and his fathers father before him.

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    An excellent article, with a great deal of information and a lot of care gone in to it!

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    Hi Good stuff. can you post the reference showing elephant memory?

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