Star Nosed Mole: Science Fact or Fiction?

Quite possibly one of the oddest looking animals out there and certainly an inspiration for science fiction characters from Blade, Alien and a bunch of others. Decide for yourself if the Star Nosed Mole is science fact or fiction.

Found in the northeastern United States and Canada, it hides in low laying marshes both for protection and for its dinner. This disturbing looking mole has an amazing ability. It is able to eat microscopic larvae in fractions of a second by using its unfolding nose. When relaxed, this little guy looks like a normal mole, except for its awkwardly large hands that have disturbingly long nails.

When it senses tiny, squirming larvae, its nose unfolds to look like a large flower in bloom only much creepier. Then the few dozen wiggling sensory organs start to move like lightning as they each grab the larvae. You really need to Google a video on this creature to witness it for yourself as it is obviously the inspiration for many a movie monster.

But the bigger question, is this Star Nosed Mole science fact or fiction?

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