Nine Amazing Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bears has some amazing abilities and here is the top ten.

Polar bears are some amazing creatures. Whether it is their behavior or their body ability to live in the cold climate. I hope you enjoyed these amazing facts about polar bears.

To us a polar bears fur looks white, when it is actually colorless. This is because it is made with hollow tubes. The rough inner surface of the tubes make light scatter and reflect at many different angles which gives the white appearance.

  1. Although I don’t suggest it, but you can turn a polar bear’s fur purple by spraying antiseptic spray on a polar bear.
  2. Humans are the only predator that polar bears have. This gives a more of an impact on how much polar bears are in trouble with our current environmental problems.
  3. Even though we are the only predator, only 7 people in Canada have been killed by polar bears.
  4. In Canada, Churchill, Manitoba is “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”
  5. Attacking humans isn’t the only way humans can be killed by a polar bear. Humans can be killed by eating a polar bears liver because it contains a fatal dose of Vitamin A for humans.
  6. Only pregnant polar bears hibernate.
  7. Polar bears have been known to swim more then 60 miles without rest.
  8. Polar bear have amazing appetites with having the ability to eat 10% of their body weight in less then an hour. For a 140 pound person, that is 14 pounds of food in less then an hour.
  9. Polar bear can not see or hear until about one month after they are born.
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    Very nice information about the polar bears; they are unique animals to have on earth.

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    Only an idiot liberal would set on an iceberg and float out to sea! The polar bear would go out 40 or so miles and say ,,, race you back to shore.

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