Interesting Facts About the Peacock

An article about peacocks.

The peafowl are forest birds that build nests in the ground. They generally lay 10-12 eggs.

The term peafowl refers to two species of birds related to the pheasant. The males are called “peacocks” and the females are called “peahens,” although peahens are also referred to as peacocks.

The peacock is known and valued for its brilliant feathers. The green spots on the tail are known as “eyes.” It is inspired by the Greek myth that Hera put the hundred eyes of her slain giant Argus on the tail of her favorite bird.

The iridescent blue-green or blue color of the peacock makes it unique from other birds. The peacocks elongate their “train” of feathers in a display of courtship. The train feathers are not the tail feathers, as most believe. The real tail feathers are actually small and grey and are hidden from view beneath the train. During molting season, the peacocks shed their magnificent feathers and their tail feathers and revealed.

The peahens are dull in comparison. Their colors are more bland, although they do have slight iridescence on their breasts. They also lack the train feathers that the peacocks have.

When mating, the peahens do not look for brilliance in color or length of train feathers in males. Instead, they are attracted to the vocalizations made prior to mating. When mating, the peacocks fan out their train, while facing the female, and make a variety of vocalizations.

The peafowl have a wide variety in their diet. They eat anywhere from plants and flowers to insects and rodents.

The peafowl is a beautiful and magnificent animal that should be cherished for years to come.

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