External Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

External Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior, cultural factor is one of the most far-reaching influence in consumer behavior. The company must know the role played by culture, and also sub-culture, and social class are also buyers.

a. Culture

cultural factor is one of the most far-reaching influence in consumer behavior. The company must know the role played by culture, and also sub-culture, and social class are also buyers. Culture plays a very important role in cultural consumer. So then, behavior is very ingrained in the consumer, will not be able to easily culture-foreign cultural influences coming from outside can go it alone.

For example just a consumer who is deeply in love with the culture of his people, so he always uses product domestically and did not want to use product .  not all consumers like it, there are still consumers who do not have that attached to mental culture intact within him, so that He was easily influenced by foreign cultures, and using products from outside.

Each culture, each consisting of sub-culture subculture even smaller, which provides identification and socialization are more clearly to its members. Is the desire and behavioral determinants of the most fundamental one. If the lower creatures behavior is largely governed by instinct, the most human behavior is learned.

Children who grew up in a society learn a set of basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors through a process of socialization that involves family and other important institutions. Hence, one boy who grew up in a particular culture will have a certain cultural values ​​as well (such as the value of achievement and success, activity, efficiency, and practicality, progress, reality, material comfort, individualism, freedom, external pleasures, and attitudes as well as humanitarian young people).

b. Social groups and references

In general, consumers are often asked for opinions from people and their environment about what products to buy. That’s why the social environment influence on consumer behavior. Social factors consists of three parts: the reference group, family, and roles. Reference group is any group that has a direct influence on the attitude / behavior of a person. With the opinion obtained from a group then the consumer can make consumption decisions. Family as the organization’s most important consumer purchase also directly affects a person’s decision to purchase everyday items. While the role includes activities that are expected to do one. A product or brand can describe the role and status consumer

Consumer behavior is also influenced by social factors, such as small groups, families and the role and social status of consumers. Person’s behavior is influenced by many small groups. Groups that have a direct influence. Definition of the group is two or more people who interact to achieve individual or common goals.

Actually, all human societies display the social strata. These social layers are sometimes in the form of a caste system where the members of different castes assume certain roles and they can not change his caste membership. Even more often took the form of social strata of social class. Social class is a form of a relatively homogeneous group and survive in a society that is arranged in a sequence of levels and members within each level that has values, interests and behavior together.

Reference Group, Behavioral someone deeply influenced by a variety of groups that provide direct or indirect influence on the attitudes and behavior.

c. Family

Consumer behavior can family. Family is the organization’s most important consumer purchases in the community. Family purchase decisions, depending on the product, advertising and situation.

A person generally participated in during his life-family groups, clubs, organizations. The position of a person in each group can be identified in the role and status. Each role brings status that reflects the award given by the community.

Family members can strongly influence buying behavior. We can distinguish two families in the life of the buyer. First, the family as a source consisting of a parent orientation. Second, as a source of family descent, there interplay of relationships (husband-wife and children).

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