Changes in The Behavior of Some Life Forms

Hunt for information in books and libraries. Talk to the older people in your family and gather the facts.

Closely examine the changes in the adaptive behavior of some trees, birds and animals.

This activity could be carried out in groups. Each group may gather information on the adaptive behavior of any two birds or animals.

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Hunt for information in books and libraries. Talk to the older people in your family and gather the facts. You can then present this information in a seminar, narrating to the audience your experience in gathering the information and giving your views on the matter.

Alternatively, you could use the information gathered to do the following activities.

a)      You can present these changes through a drama.

b)      You can draw up picture of these changes and present them as posters and harts.

c)      You can prepare a write up on these findings and present in the class.

d)      You can campaign for the need to protect the habitat of different life forms.

Other activities

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Tribal traditional and seed conservation of natural resources

Visit a nearby tribal area Tanda. Speak to the people living in it to find out about their traditions and customs. Find out details about the flora and fauna found in the area. Learn about the trees and animals that are sacred to them, their festivals, their taboos, their traditional tales, their food habits, their family life ad about their social hierarchy and governance. Understand that all these re designed to conserve the environment and to share natural resources equally.

There are major differences between non-tribal and tribal family systems and cultures. We learn about them when we examine matters relating to birth, marriage, food habits, and traditions and sharing of resources in these two communities. Wile tribal people treat natural resources as community reserve and manage them with care, among the non-tribal; resources are used wastefully and ostentatiously.

An occasion to study

Form five groups in the class. Each group visits a wedding in five different communities. Collect information on how food is treated in the different communities. Especially observe how food is wasted on such occasions. Also, record how deafening the celebration gets to be because of loud music and bursting of crackers. Prepare a report; each group should present the report in the class.

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