Birds with Remarkably Amazing and Awesome Bills

Birds with the most notable bills.

See some of the world’s most colorful species of birds with the most prominent and remarkable bills.

Yellow-Billed Stork (Mycteria ibis)

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The most notable feature of this bird is its long and yellow bill, hence the name. The Yellow-billed Stork is a large wading bird that occurs in Africa South of Sahara and in Madagascar. It grows up to 97 cm in length with an average body weight of 2.3 kg for males and 1.9 kg for females.

Channel-Billed Toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus)

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Ariel Toucan or Ramphastos (Vitellinus ariel)

Channel-billed Toucans are birds which breed in Trinidad and in tropical South America as far south as southern Brazil and central Bolivia.

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Citron-Throated Toucan or Ramphastos (Vitellinus citreolaemus)

There are 3 subspecies of Channel-billed Toucan that all interbreed freely wherever they meet. These are the Yellow-ridged Toucan (R. vitellinus culminatus), the Citron-throated Toucan (R. vitellinus citreolaemus) and the Ariel Toucan (R. vitellinus ariel). Like other toucans, the Channel-billed is brightly marked and has a huge bill. It is typically 48 cm (19 in) long with a 9-14 cm (3½-5½ in) bill.

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Yellow-ridged Toucan or Ramphastos vitellinus culminatus

Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis)

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The massive bill of Saddle-billed Stork, which is its most prominent physical trait aside from its towering height, is red with a black band and a yellow frontal shield (the “saddle”).It is a large wading bird and a resident breeder in sub-Saharan Africa from. It breeds in marshes and other wetlands in tropical lowland. It builds a large, deep stick nest in a tree, laying one or two white eggs. This is a huge bird that regularly attains a height of 150 cm or 5 feet) and a 270 cm or 9 feet wingspan. The male is larger and heavier than the female, with a range of 5.1-7.5 kg, the female is usually between 5 and 6.9 kg. It is probably the tallest, if not the heaviest, of the storks.

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