Birds Chirp and Positive Thoughts

Walking in a captive visible sign saying “Let”s preserve this melodious bird song’.

Walking in a captive visible sign saying ‘Let’s preserve this melodious bird song’. And sure enough, chirp-chirp of birds that ran from one tree branch to another tree sounded boisterous chants shouted to each other like a compact. It’s beautiful creation of God on this one.

Is it true they’re singing?

Actually, who can guarantee that the birds sing through the booms? No! Even if you are a bird watcher who long struggled with them in the wild, which can be done by humans is observing their behavior and draw conclusions from there.

Until now, science is still developing research on whales and dolphins, where they communicate through ultrasonic waves are also being studied intent and meaning. As for the chirping of the birds themselves, there is no research that can explain in detail the meaning of the booms.

So, how can we be sure that the chirping of birds means they’re singing, and not a curse?

All of it arises because human perception. When listening to the chirp that sounds beautiful with a gorgeous arrangement of tones, the brain makes a perception that the birds were singing. The perception could arise because there is a mind set. Which means that in the minds of already tersetting that while listening to the beautiful tones and regularly, that’s a song.

This is what we must learn, if we could set up the mind and fill it with beautiful-beautiful, it will be easier for you to think positively. Chirp of birds that we do not know what it means to sound like a song, what if applied to other things? For example, on hearing advice from someone?

Ah yes, that’s right. Speaking of advice, it’s boring when heard the advice from parents. It makes me want to run away right then and there. But if you think about it, their advice is true, it’s just like our ears do not hear, do not you? This is what we need to change. Restart back our minds and paste that counsel is wise to ponder and make our introspection. Like the singing bird. We do not know what that means, but we believe that it is beautiful.

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