A History and the Story Behind Dodo Birds

About this extinct, flightless, and so-called stupid bird.


Dodo bird are probably THE extinct animal that lived on planet earth. It is the most well know extinct animal, and it’s extinction happened during human history. In fact, it was the humans who wiped this specie of bird out from the surface of this planet. Let’s now go back hundreds of years ago, when the dodos flourished.

The dodos first appeared on Maritius Island, off the coast of Madagascar. It is a small island, and at one point, the dodos must of had wings, and migrated to the island. The island is perfect for the life of dodo birds.


There was almost no predator, and there was an abundant of food. They eat nuts and fruits that fall from trees, and made nests on the ground. There was absolutely no need for wings. Eventually, through evolution, they became flightless. But people think dodo birds are clumsy and dumb. In fact, dodos run pretty fast, on those short stubby leg of theirs. They were too bright, but weren’t too dumb neither. People think they are, because they have the name “Dodo”. But actually, dodo mean something else. There are several explanations. They might stand for the knot of tail they, or even the sound they made.Their closest living relative right now is the pigeon, so they might make the same “Doo-Doo” sound. I find it weird a bird known for its extinction is directly related to a bird that is known for its over-population.

The dodos were living peacefully for several hundred year, but everything changed during the 17th century. The HUMANS came. There was bunch of sailor that found this island, and settled. This the other reason why we people assume dodos are dumb. When the people went hunting, the dodos will just walk right up next to them, as if asking to get killed. But why?? Could one animal, and its one with a brain, be THAT dumb? Well the island has no natural predators. To the dodo birds, the was no killing. There was no predator vs. prey. How were they to know those big thing that washed ashore could kill? It’s as asking someone to know something that relatively did not exist for them, or else they’re stupid. Pretty harsh and prejudice, right? But the dodos weren’t to bright neither. The massacre went on for about two hundred years, but they just can’t learn. Maybe it’s that they did learn, but their flightlessness(?) were a disadvantage. The humans also brought along with them dogs, pigs, monkeys, cats, rat, etc. They plundered dodo nest, which were on the ground. They also ate them. Humans started settling, and wiped out their habitat. The dodo birds die off pretty quickly. They were gone 175 years after it was first found. That’s how much human can do to one specie. 

But the strange thing is, the humans claimed that the dodo meat were tough and bad tasting. They nearby pigeons had a much better tasting meat. It was also said that dodos were kill for their feathers, used as ornaments. The last dodo bird was said to have died in 1681. There was no complete skeleton for a long time. Then in a cave, scientists found a complete skeleton of a dodo bird. 

Hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully learned something. So remember, dodo birds aren’t stupid. Just a little clueless. ;D

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  1. alex feinman Says...

    On June 1, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Cool. I never knew that. Great article.

  2. cheese Says...

    On October 6, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    i still think there clueless but it did help……

  3. the ridg Says...

    On December 18, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    my daughter was is doing a project about the dodo bird, and this article was probably the most helpful…i liked it

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