A Blue Spider?

Never seen a blue spider before, well neither had I.

That’s right, it’s blue.

Photo by Sanjay Molur

The Peacock Parachute Spider (also know as the Eastern Hemisphere Tarantula), is only found in one location, India, in the Andra Pradesh Reserve forest.

Their amazing blue coloring is mesmerizing.  For a moment you almost forget it’s a huge, hairy spider.

Why blue? We have seen plenty of things in nature have camouflage, blending into the environment for hiding or hunting, but what does blue blend in with? There doesn’t seem to be anything predominately blue in it’s habitat.  This species is one of nature’s wonders.

This is just one of five species of Parachute spiders in the Andra Pradesh Reserve forest.  The Regal Parachute Spider, the Beautiful Parachute Spider, the Nallamala Parachute spider, and the Araku Parachute Spider are all residents. These species all have a black and grey/white coloring with variations of stripes on the legs and pattern on their backs, but none have that metallic blue coloring like the Peacock Parachute Spider.

Photo by M. Siliwal

Unfortunately there are so few of them that is is hard to know much about them.  Researchers think they are probably like the other species, life span of about 3-8 years in the wild,living in tree burrows and eating insects that harm trees and crops. These spider actually do an important job, natures pesticide. 

The biggest threat to their survival is habitat loss, however international pet trader have a hand in this also.  The Peacock Parachute Spider is listed on the IUCN RED LIST as “Critically Endangered”. If things stay the way they have been going, with the clearing of plantation’s for the building of tourist destinations, we may lose them forever.

Iucnredlist ….for more endangered creature who need our help.

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