13 Strangest and Most Unusual Sexual Behavior Among the Animals

Mating is the most fundamental and vital process for animals to select for their best partners. In the view of biology, mating refers to the pairing of opposite-sex for copulation (the union of the sex organs of two sexually reproducing animals for insemination and subsequent internal fertilization) in social animal to breed for their offspring.

Butterfly: Endurance beyond Love!

(Image source: Luis Romero, El Salvador [AP 2006-06-13])

The butterflies spend much time to search for mates. The adult males will usually search for the females of its own species which have the recognizable pattern and color in their wings. When the male spots his mate, he will fly closer; usually he is behind or above the female. Approaching closer and closer, the male will release the chemical substance called pheromones, while fluttering his wings more frequent that he usually does.

(Image source: Kang-Chae Lee, Korean Monthly Science Magazine “Science Dong-A”[Feb. 1996])

(Image source: Martin Kramer, Amsterdam)

To attract the female, the male make a special “courtship dance” which may consist of some peculiar dancing postures. If the female gets excited with his dancing, she may join him. There, they join their bodies together end to end at their abdomens. At this stage, the male passes the sperm to the female’s egg-laying tube which will soon be fertilized by the sperm. The male is always unfortunate as he often has to face the death shortly after mating.

After mating ends, the female must go to select the correct plant species to lay her eggs. Once she is sure she has encountered her favorite plant, she will start laying eggs either as a single egg or in clusters which will be fertilized with the sperm that has been stored in her body while mating with the male. The produced eggs are enclosed with a sticky substance to enable the eggs to be attached firmly either on a stem or on the underside of a leaf.

Dolphin: You Guy All Crazy at Sex!

(Image source: Carmelo Aquilina)

(Image source: SexyVixen)

Dolphins are by far animals that have strong sexual desires as they mate many times in a day. Nevertheless, each mating section ends very fast with on longer than 12 seconds. As the male dolphins have ravenous sexual appetites, they will always attempt to hump inanimate objects and even other animals like sea turtles. The male dolphin will often force the female to have sex. The other hushed-up fact is that the male has a retractable penis, the flaccid penis located within his body and both penises appear while on demand. Another cool fact to add in is that his penis is prehensile which can swivel to explore an object around him just like a hand.

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