13 Strangest and Most Unusual Sexual Behavior Among the Animals

Mating is the most fundamental and vital process for animals to select for their best partners. In the view of biology, mating refers to the pairing of opposite-sex for copulation (the union of the sex organs of two sexually reproducing animals for insemination and subsequent internal fertilization) in social animal to breed for their offspring.

In general, different animals may mate in different manners, but in most cases the main purpose is to transfer sperm from the male to the female.

The mating process always involves the struggle of one sex (often the male) to win the mating with the female. The failure of this process is normally a few or no offspring to sustain the generation of their own species. In contrary, a successful male to attract the female of his species may assist in passing his genes on to the next generation. However, in the world of insects, the male may attract a completely different kind of female as his partner. The female insect is particularly more interested to lay her eggs rather than to look for sex.

In regards to mating, Lost in Arizona, a writer at Triond has a brilliantly written article entitled 10 Bizarre Mating Technique to supplement the incomplete part of this article.

The Indian Bullfrog: Ready and Call for a Sexual Service!

(Image source: REUTERS 2006-06-24)

The Indian bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) is the largest frog in Pakistan which is usually found hibernating by burrowing in soil during winter as well as during drought.

(Image source: REUTERS 2006-06-24)

During mating, the male (lemon yellow in color) will croak repeatedly to attract the attention of the female (dull and light-brown color). The croak of the male has a powerful nasal “Cronk, cronk, cronk”, but sometimes it sounds like “oong wang, oong wang, oong wang”. When the mating season begins, the males will repeat their aggressive croaks several times by sitting close to each other in the shallow water or pond, splashing into the water, jumping over each other to attract the females. At the same time, the female will lurk around by the calls of the males, initiate copulation by making contact with a carefully selected male. The males hang around the periphery, hoping to get lucky.

(Image source: REUTERS 2006-06-24)

If one of the males manage to grab the female frog they will jump in pair and somehow move together to a quiet place to avoid the fighting, pushing and tugging from other male frogs. There, the female will lay its eggs (2.5 to 2.8mm in diameter) in large volume with each of the egg enclosed with a layer of double coat of jelly.

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