Winged Spider is Real or Fake

Winged spider is real or fake.

What is it?: A photo of a winged spider with the obvious capability of flight was apparently published in a newspaper and the “news” of this creature sent shock waves through the internet.

Is it still a mystery?: No, thanks to the unedited photo being found and making the scare obsolete.

Is it a hoax?: Yes, someone has mischievously photoshop a pic of a spider.

Where was it?: Not sure.

Should I Be Worried?: It is creepy looking at the photo but I would be more worried of the REAL spiders out there.

Details: There actually is a REAL Winged Spider however this is just a common name for it and the “wings” are just patterns on its back. Its also tiny and not scary at all.

Arachnids are actually removed from insects because of the lack of antennae and wings as well as obviously having 8 legs. The possibility of a real spider being out there bridging the gap between Arachnid and Insect is a real small one. Here are the pics below.

Winged Flying Spider

The apparent Winged Spider…

Winged Flying Spider

The real non winged spider…

Photos Via: Tumblr.

Here is what the White Winged Spider (Araneus albotriangulus) looks like….pretty boring.

Araneidae > Araneus albotriangulus group

Q –
Are the winged spiders real? I saw something of Facebook saying that scientist discovered a winged spider. It could be fake, but I don’t know for sure. Does anyone know if they really exist or not?
Best Answer Yes there is a type of winged spider, but it can’t actually fly, it can only glide for short distances. It’s called the Gliding spider, and is a member of the jumping-spider group. They can glide using wing flaps on their abdomen. They are found in the eastern parts of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales).

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