What is The Deadliest Snake on Earth?

Snakes often times get a bad reputation. A little known fact is that they usually just want to be left alone. Though snakes tend to be shy creatures they can be dangerous not to mention deadly when provoked. What is the deadliest snake though? Many have asked and wondered that. Wiat no longer here is the answer.

Through research that has been done the award for the deadliest snake was thought to have gone to the Inland Taipan or even the Beaked Sea Snake. However, The award for the most venomous snake in the world goes to the Belcher’s Sea Snake



The Belcher’s Sea Snake is approximately .5 to 1 meter in length and can be found in the Gulf of Thailand, Visayan area of the Philippines, New Guinea, Ashmore Reef in the Timor Sea.  It has a yellowish color and is noted by the dark greenish bands around it. It is a great swimmer due to the paddle like tail it exhibits. 

This snakes behavior is not aggressive luckily.  The Belcher’s Sea Snake is relatively quiet and is able to be underwater for 7-8 hours. 

It is very lucky for us that this creature is not aggressive as we said above.  Its venom is about 100 times more potent than that of the Inland Taipan.  Although it is the most venomous snake on Earth it hasn’t caused nearly as many deaths as the Inland Taipan or the Beaked Sea Snake.  Fisherman that draw in nets from the days catch (not trying to catch the snakes mind you) are the ones that have been bitten most.  It is reported that 25% of the fisherman bitten has venom injected by the snake.

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    Snakes are so beautiful!

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