What are Some Differences Between Plant and Animal Cells

Both animal and plant cells similar structural Have some elements. First off They Are Both eukaryotic, ….

Animal and plant cells Have some key Similarities and differences Noted.Understanding basic cell structure Helps to Understand how plant cells from animal cells Differ. They Do Differ in important Ways, plant cells have different functions Provide for the plant, animal cells Than Provider for the body.

Both animal and plant cells similar structural Have some elements. First off They Are Both eukaryotic, Which Means THEY Have defined nucleus. The nucleus contains chromosomes. It is protected and Surrounded by the cytoplasm, or watery Which is a gel-like liquid. Further, animal and plant cells cell membrane That Have A surrounds the cell.This allow for the cell to exert control, in MOST fields, over what can Penetrate the cell, and What can not.

One of the primary differences Between animal and plant cells plant cells Is That Have a cell wall made ​​up of cellulose. This helps the plant cells to allow high pressure to build inside of it, Without bursting. A plant cell HAS To Be Able to accept large Amounts of Liquid Through osmosis, Without Being Destroyed.An animal cell Does not Have This cell wall. If you start to fill the animal cell with distilled water or too much fluid Other, It Will Eventually pop.    

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