Weird Names of Female Animals and Their Young

A look at the strange names given to female animals and their young.

“Doe a deer a female deer ….” When you think you have heard it all you realize how complicated names for female animals and their young are in English. Most of these names are probably not used by the average person who will just call a mouse a mouse or a male or female mouse if they are more aware but never a buck or a doe. Yes, a male mouse is a buck and a female mouse is a doe. Whoever came up with these names was probably thinking about money and making a buck or some dough.  Just like the person who came up with young fish as fry or fingerling must have been licking his fingers by a fire.

A doe is a female deer you said? What do you call a female hamster? A doe too. If you think that is strange, what do you call a female hippopotamus, rhinoceros, seal or whale? They are all called cows! Then we should call them sea cows! Nope, that title is already taken. How big is a hen? Well, before you go measuring your yard fowl think about this: a female quail or even a female ostrich is called a hen!  And you thought you could lift any hen, huh? Female pigs are called sows. That should not surprise us. They are always in the dirt they might as well sow.

Maybe an evolutionist came up with the names for the young of apes, chimpanzees and gorillas. Their young are all called infants! The young of goats are called kids just like the young of humans. Well, children do eat all types of junk and butt in on conversations. They are always chewing something so we cannot complain too much about the title kids.

What about rabbits? It would have been so much easier to just pick one name for their young. People had to come up with bunny, kit, kitten, leveret and nestling. And then we come to young mice. Why are they so afraid of cats anyway? Young mice are called pups. Come on mice, don’t just wag your tails. Show the cats who is boss, you are pups for goodness sake!

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    On July 2, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    interesting! :D

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    On July 26, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    There are many strange animal names, some are quite funny. Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

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