Watch Out, Antioxidant Supplements Can be Harmful

Watch out, antioxidant supplements can be harmful.

In order to maintain the stamina to stay healthy, the antioxidants in supplement form is believed to provide benefits to the body. Just like foods containing antioxidants, antioxidant supplements also help to prevent various diseases.

However, recent research reveals the opposite. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health have shown that some antioxidants actually damage DNA and kill cells in a healthy person’s body rather than protecting the body’s cells.

“This is an unexpected finding. These findings may have important clinical applications in treating cancer patients, especially in those who failed previous treatment. But it was dangerous when used to treat other diseases, like diabetes,” said Kyungjae Myung, Ph.D. , researchers from the Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology at the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Many people believe that increasing levels of antioxidants can prevent the body from various diseases and stay young. But according to Dr Myung, some antioxidants act exactly the opposite. Now known 22 types of antioxidants that have been studied and can damage DNA, such as resveratrol, genistein and

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