Uniquely Weird-looking and Awesomely Lovely-looking Insects

There are millions of different species of insects in the world.

Here are some of the most peculiar-looking and uniquely awesome-looking insects on the planet.

1.) Glasswing (Greta oto)

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Glasswing is a unique brush-footed butterfly with translucent wings. It has a wingspan of up to 6.1 cm long. It can be found from Mexico to Panama. There are also sightings of this unique-looking butterfly in Venezuela.

2.) Pellucid Hawk Moth (Cephonodes hylas)

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The Pellucid Hawk Moth is a weird-looking species of moth that can be found in India, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. It has a wingspan of up to 73 cm in length.  

3.) Hooded Grasshopper (Teratodus monticollis)

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The Hooded Grasshopper is a one-of-a-kind species of grasshopper. It is unique in appearance due to its hood. This unusual grasshopper was photographed Pocharam Lake in Andhra Pradesh in India.

4.) Jerusalem Cricket (Stenopelmatus fuscus)

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This creature looks like a giant ant but it’s not an ant, it’s called Jerusalem Cricket. This unique-looking cricket species was photographed at Briones Regional Park in California, USA.  This insect that can grow up to 40 mm is endemic to the US and Mexico. It is also commonly known as Potato Bug.

5.) European Earwig (Forticula auricularia)

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Does it look like a bottle opener to you? Or it resembles some kind of mechanical tool? The European Earwig is a unique-looking insect consider as a common household pest in North America. It frightens many but it is harmless. The rumor that these insects crawl into human ears and enter the brain, but this is false. It is also commonly known as Common Earwig.

6.) Brunner’s Mantis (Brunneria borealis)

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One of the most unique species of praying mantis is the Brunner’s Mantis. It is endemic to the United States. It is amazingly unique because it is only species known to reproduce solely through parthenogenesis; there are no males. It is also commonly called Brunner’s Stick Mantis.

7.) Green Drake (Ephemera danica)

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Green Drake is unique looking mayfly species and commonly found in clear water rivers and lakes with sandy or gravel bottoms across Europe and the British Isles. It has a lifespan of up to 2 years.

8.) Giant Flower Mantis (Idolomantis diabolica)

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Another awesomely weird-looking insect is the Idolomantis diabolica which is commonly known as Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis. This is one of the largest praying mantis species that mimic flowers. It is also informally known as Devil’s Flower Mantis.

9.) Poplar Kitten (Furcula bifida)

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The Poplar Kitten is one of the oddest-looking species of moth. It can be found throughout Europe. It has a wingspan of up to 48 cm and flies at night. This species has white forewings with a broad brown band in the centre and brown dots along the margin. The hindwings are also white with brown dots along the margin.

10.) Large Brown Mantis (Archimantis latistyla)

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The Large Brown Mantis is a unique species of mantid endemic to Australia. This species is remarkable in using a defense display to make itself appears larger by flinging its front legs into the air and putting its head down along with its antennae. It is also known as also commonly known as the Stick Mantis or Australian Mantis.

11.) Laos Brown Butterfly (Lyssa zampa)

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Laos Brown Butterfly is a unique moth species that resembles a bat. It belongs to the Uraniidae family and can be found in the Indo-Malaya eco-zone. It has a wingspan of up to 160 mm.

12.) Dulichius inflatus

Image Source

Does it look like an ant? Yes you are right, it does look like an ant but it is not an ant. It’s a Dulichius inflatus, an ant mimic bug that belongs to Alydidae family. It can be found in India and Sri Lanka. This awesomely unique insect is said to live in the nests of ants Polyrhachis lacteipennis which it morphologically resembles.

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