Understanding The Immune System

Immune system is the foundation for good health.

There are two types of lymphocytes. B lymphocytes are the body’s military intelligence system: they identify the invaders, and T cells destroy the invaders which the B cells have identified.

B Cells

About 10% of lymphocytes that circulate in the blood are B cells. On the surface of each lymphatic cell are receptors that enable them to recognize foreign substances and alert the rest of the immune system about the presence of invaders. The two types B cell and T cells differ in function and the molecules that are on their surface. These ‘recognition molecules’ allow immune cells such as B cells, T cells, and macrophages to recognize and communicate with one another and determine which antigens an individual can respond to.

When they detect antigens, the B cells set out in search for antigen matching its receptors. When they spot the right antigen, they become activated and travel to the spleen or the lymph nodes. With the help of helper T cells, the B cell starts to divide to produce clones of itself. During this process, two new cell types are created, plasma cells and B memory cells.

The plasma cell is specialized in producing a specific protein, called an antibody, that will respond to the same antigen that matched the B cell receptor. Antibodies are released from the plasma cell so that they can seek out intruders and help destroy them. Plasma cells produce antibodies at an amazing rate and release tens of thousands of antibodies per second.

Antibodies  are special Y-shaped proteins that respond to a specific antigen and attaches to it like a key with a lock. This way, they act as receptors for antigens and mark intruders for destruction by other cells. 

Each branch of the Y-shaped antibody can bind to a different antigen, so while one branch binds to an antigen on one cell, the other branch could bind to another cell – in this way pathogens are gathered into larger groups that are easier for phagocyte cells to devour.

Recognition of an antigen by an antibody ”tags” it for attack by other parts of the immune system. Cells, or molecules that are marked with antibodies are clumped together and phagocytized (engulfed) by neutrophils or macrophages.

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