Top Five Poisonous Snakes in The World

Ever wondered what snake was the most poisonous? Well, guess what? I’ve got a list of the top five most poisonous snakes in the entire world for you right here.

The world is home to many snakes, some more poisonous than others. There are a few snakes that every year seem to be known as the top dogs when it comes to their bite. Below I have listed some of those snakes and a brief intro on each. Prepare to be amazed. 

  • Belcher’s Sea Snake, aka Hydrophis Belcheri -

 General Information:

This snake is an aquatic snake. Even though this snake spends so much time under water, every so often it has to come to the surface to get air. This sea snake needs oxygen just like a land snake but is able to hold its breath for up to eight hours at a time. Although this is ranked as the number one most poisonous snakes, it hardly ever releases venom when it bites but don’t let that fool you; In just a fourth of a milligram of its venom can kill up to 1000 people.  Several fishermen have been recorded as being bitten by this snake. Only a fourth of those bitten were injected with the venom at the time of the bite.

Key Characteristics:

It’s slender body has overlapping scales unlike other snakes. When seen it looks yellow with black bands throughout the entire body, usually its head is the same color of the bands. Because it breathes air it has valves that cover the nostrils while its underwater.  It has a paddle shaped tail allowing it to swim at fast speeds. The sea snake is more active at night which is when it does most of its feeding. The snake likes to eat shellfish and other smaller fish. 

Where Can They Be Found:

You can find this snake in the Ash-more Reef just off the coast of Australia. It has also been spotted in the waters of Indonesia and many other surrounding bodies of water.

  • Taipan aka Oxyuranus Microlepidotus

General Information:

Taipans are the most venomous snakes on land. There are five different types of Taipans. They include the Inland Taipan, the Papuan Taipan, the Common Taipan, the Central Ranges Taipan and the North-west Australian Taipan. The Inland Taipan is the most venomous of the five. If you were bitten by this snake you would need immediate medical attention. Most victims of this snake only live for just a couple of hours after being bitten unless treated with the right anti-venom. It is said that just a few milligrams of its venom can kill about 250,000 mice, that’s a lot of mice.  Although this snake is very deadly, it is not known to be naturally aggressive. 

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