Top 10 Animals That Live The Longest

Here they all are…..
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10. Geoduck – 160 years
The geoduck can be 1 meter long.
It is a saltwater mussel
9. Tuatara – 200 years
The only living dinosaur, not so great of course, but the Tuatara lived 200 million years ago, and he lives also very long, between 100 and 200 years.

8. Red sea urchin-200 years

rode zee egel

The red sea urchin found in the Pacific Ocean near the west coast of America. The hedgehog lives in rocky waters at great depths, he moves on the ground by using his quills.

7. Bowhead whale – 211 years

groenlandse walvis

The bowhead whale is the number 7 in this list, but the list of longest-living mammals he stands at number 1.

6. Koi – 226 years


Those fish are very beautiful
and they can be 226 years old.

5. Lamellibrachia – 250 year


A type of tube worm that lives in the sea.

4.Tortoise – 250 year


The longest-living land animals.

3. Blue mussel – 400 year


On the rings on this mussel can be seen how old it is, the oldest is 400 years old.

2. Sponge – 1550 years


The sponge is his entire life in the same place and that for 1550 years long. Probably the sponge grows slowly through the extremely low temperatures in the ocean.

1. Jellyfish – Endless

kwal met oneindig leven

This type of jellyfish, the Turritopsis nutricula, exercising his old cells into new cells. Scientists have also discovered that more of this type of jellyfish are in the sea …

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