Three Interesting Birds

Burrowing Owls, Roadrunners, and Goshawks.

Burrowing Owls- Burrowing owls are small owls which live in desert areas.
 The way a Burrow Owl hears is quite interesting. The sound  surrounds its prey.
 Sound hits first one ear and then the other. This helps the bird to find its prey.

These owls eat mice, insects and scorpions.

 Burrowing Owls are very fast fliers.  Their eyesight is really not much better than humans.
 As the name suggest, burrowing owls live on the ground rather than high in trees.
 Some burrow owls live in cacti.

A family of Burrowing Owls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roadrunner – The roadrunner is an odd looking bird.  They have brown, mottled plumage with a comb on its head.

                         Roadrunners are very fast and have quick reflexes. Roadrunners can adapt their
                         hunting techniques to their prey.  They have excellent hearing.

                         Roadrunners seem to have a reputation of being highly intelligent creatures.

Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) (Photo credit: Lip K

 Roadrunners live in brushy areas.  When they wake in the morning they will fluff their plumage to absorb the sun’s rays.
 Roadrunners eat insects, small lizards, and even small snakes.
 A famous roadrunner is the cartoon roadrunner who always outsmarts Wily Coyote.

Goshawks-  Goshawks are a very intelligent raptor.  They are a predator without equal.

They are a bit more resistant to certain pesticides.
 Goshawks have been known to attack humans who have wandered too close to their nest.                               Goshawks are accipters.  According to the website “All About Birds” the goshawk is a 
  very fierce, interesting bird.

 Goshawks live in North America, Eurasia, and Russia.  The plumage of the Eurasian variety
 is darker than the North American birds.  Many of the Siberian Goshawks are white. Juvenile birds 
are generally a different hue from the adult birds.

 Attila The Hun wore an emblem of a goshawk on his helmet.

 Three Interesting Birds


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