The Mammals That Live in The Daintree Rainforest

There are so many strange animals that live in the rainforest and the Daintree is no exception. They are awesome and unusual.

English: Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The Daintree is tropical lowlands that are located in North Queensland.  There are many unusual mammals that make their home in the Daintree.

The egg laying mammals are called Monotrems and they make their home in Australia, New Guinea and no where else.

The Platypus is an amphibious creature that lives here.  It moves around the most at dawn and dusk.

They have short legs and webbed feet and they live on the eastern coast of Australia.  You might never see one because they are very shy.  The coastal streams of the Daintree are their home.

The Echida is a nocturnal mammal that lives in the rainforest.  They are also called the Spiny Anteater and they are about the size of a domestic cat.   They are very strong with sharp spines covering their body.  They have short, strong legs and long claws that they use for digging.  They have a long sticky tongue that they use to catch their food such as ants, termites, and beetle larvae.

In Australia you will find the Marsupials which include the Koala, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Possums, Bandicoots and several others.

Marsupials carry their young around in pouches.  The Daintree is home to several Marsupials.

The Northern Brown Bandicoot makes its home in the Daintree.  They are the size of a rabbit with short ears and a longish snout and very coarse hair.  They can be found in urban areas.  They cross the road at night and they have very poor eyesight so many of them do not make it.

There is a Bandicoot that has a longer snout and longer ears.  This creature is called the Long-nosed Bandicoot and is not as common as the Northern Brown Bandicoot.

Another Marsupial is the possum.  They are very active at night and are quiet during the day.  They live in the Tropical North Queensland.

In the lowland of the Daintree rainforest you will find the Common Striped Possum.  They are black and white and they are not plentiful.  The Daintree River Possum is not common and they live in the high altitudes of the Daintree.

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    We have a possum, it is not our pet, but it comes in our yard. These animals use our yard. Two summers ago we had a groundhog living under our porch and it ate my moms biggest tomato before it turned red! The nerve of that groundhog =)

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    I have never heard about this. This is a gret share

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