The Making of Rainbows

Ever wondered how the magnificent magic of Rainbows was created? Well This is the place to go to find out the basics of how rainbows are made and why they are only a semi circle not a full raincircle!

In order for there to be a rainbow by now i am sure you all have realized that there has to be rain and it has to be a sunny day outside with there still being rain.  While there is rain and sun the rain drops will act as tiny little prisms.  As exploring as being little kids with white light and prisms all the colors in the spectrum were now seen after shining light through the prism.  This is exactly like how a rainbow is made!  The light from the sun will be acting as the white light in this case.  Also said earlier the rain drops will be acting as the prism.  The white light (sun light) will be shining through the rain drop(prism) and will then be reflecting all the colors of the spectrum.  This then causes the rainbow to appear.  This is just a basic explanation of how the rainbow is formed but there is a lot more detail of the science that is put into the formation of a rainbow.  You may wonder why it is just a Rainbow not a full circle.  Well in logic it actually is a full circle but the earth is blocking the other half of the circle off from our vision so we only see it as looking like a semi circle.  I hope this helped your understanding of rainbows if you were interested!! Thanks for reading.

This Picture Shows exactly what the light is doing when it enters the rain drop and how the light refracts out of the rain drop to form a rainbow.

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  1. Ashley Says...

    On January 3, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    This was very helpful :) thanks so much!

  2. Ashley jordan Says...

    On January 3, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    This was very helpful :) thanks so much!

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