The Elephant with No Trunk

One day a baby elephant was spotted with no trunk. Will he succumb to malnutrition or will he be able to get the food he needs without the aid of his trunk? Read on to find out.

One day a baby elephant was spotted that had almost no trunk.  It may have been severed in a poacher’s snare, or it may have been born that way.  Since their mother’s milk is the primary source of food for the first two years of an elephants life, the baby with no trunk was perfectly healthy, as they don’t use their trunk to drink milk.  However there were concerns about how the calf would get along as it grew up and had to find it’s own food, which would be difficult with it’s disability.

Above:  The elephant as a new-born.

The little elephant started having difficulties when he was a couple of years old, as the weaning process would have began, so a significant part of his diet would be grass.  Normal elephants wrap their trunk around a clump of grass, pull it off, then put it in their mouth.  Without a trunk, this baby elephant had to get down on his knees and eat the grass with his mouth.  It was awkward, but luckily he managed.

Above:  The young calf attempting to eat grass.

A while later the elephant with no trunk was spotted alone.  By this time he would be drinking only a small amount of milk from his mother, finding most of his food himself.  He would also be spending more and more time away from the herd as he matures into a bull.  Amazingly he is perfectly healthy, despite the fact that he has to get almost all his food himself, without the aid of a trunk.  Although because of his disability it would take him longer to get the food he needs, which means no time to play or relax.

Above:  The maturing calf alone and foraging for food.

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