The Difference Between a Cobra and a King Cobra

This differentiates between the cobra and a king cobra, both of which are spectacular creatures.

The snakes are the most dangerous and venomous creatures in the world. However, they represent some of the most beautiful creations of the nature and abound in variety. The number of venomous snakes is much smaller than the nonpoisonous varieties. The cobras are some of the most beautiful snakes in the world. The most spectacular one is of course, the king cobra. What is the basic difference between a cobra and a king cobra?

Both the cobras (there are several of them) and the king cobra are widely distributed in South and South East Asia. India is a major habitat. Both are poisonous. But, the cobras are not the most poisonous snakes in the world. The most poisonous snake is considered to be the inland taipan found mostly in Australia. The second most poisonous snake is believed to be the common krait found mostly in India. Then, what makes the king cobra the most feared snake? This is to do with the amount of poison injected into the body in a single bite by the king cobra. It can be as much as 8ml. This dose of the neurotoxin is sufficient to kill 20 human beings orone elephant.



The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world. It usually has a length of around 13 feet, but a length of 18 feet is the present day official record. In contrast, the cobra usually has a length of around 6 feet. The dietary habits are also slightly different. The king cobra, almost exclusively prefers snakes for diet. The preferred snakes are the rat snakes. It may, occasionally go in for rodents, birds and lizards if snakes are not available. In contrast, the cobras prefer rodents, frogs and birds as food. Only very rarely one can come across the cobras eating small snakes.

Both the cobra and the king cobra lay eggs. The king cobra is probably the only snake in the world which builds a nest. The cobras prefer rat holes and termite mounds as locations for laying the eggs. Even the bite of a baby cobra can be fatal for a human being.

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