The Bottle-nosed Dolphine

There are many questions about the bottled-nosed dolphin, what do they eat, how long do they live and bow do they sleep. Here are a few facts to get you started on answering those all important questions.

First of all sleeping, every animal does it, no matter how big or small they might be, but how exactly do bottle-nosed dolphins sleep.  Dolphins don’t sleep deeply like we do; this is because they have to watch their breathing.  If they went into a full on, deep sleep then they would suffocate so interesting enough, only one half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps at once and they sleep on average eight hours a day.  There are three ways in which a dolphin behaves when asleep.  Firstly they might say close to the surface with their blowhole out of the water so that they can breathe.  Secondly they might stay near the sea bed in shallow water, rising every now and again for air: and finally they might move slowly through the water surfacing for air when needed.  The dolphin is never completely still even though they are sleeping.

The dolphin has quite a long life span living on average around 40 to 59 years old.  They traveling in groups know as pods.  The average size of an inshore population is 1-10 numbers but an offshore can go to into groups of hundreds.  There are however causes of wild or lone dolphin, usually males, which stay in the same areas for years.  These are often seen chasing swimmers and boats.  The bottle nosed dolphin isn’t as close knit as other dolphin families which stay together for life.  Members have been known to come and go.  We know dolphins can learn fast but we are unsure of how intelligent they are.  There are no tests which we can do to measure this but we do know they can generalize and learn to understand complicated commands.  This is why they are able to perform in places like sea world etc.  

Bottle nosed dolphins can be aggressive towards each other.  Males have been known to be that violent they have killed each other whilst fighting and have even attacked other species of dolphins.  The males have even been recorded killing the young even when they are the father.  This is a side to the dolphin not many people know.

Dolphins are highly active animals and love to play.  The tails can be seen slapping the water and they have been seen many a times swimming along with ships, breaching and bowing.  They chase and race each other in the water and will play with object like seaweed.  They also have been known to play with fish in their mouths before feeding on them, throwing them into the air and catching them again; even when hunting fish the dolphin like to chase and play around.

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