The Benefits of Drinking Nettle Tea

While the name may suggest something painful, rest assured Nettle tea has many benefits. Made from the leaves and roots of the Stinging nettle plant, it is rich in many vitamins and nutrients to help promote better health.

Nettle is the name used for the herbaceous flowering plants of the genus, Urtica and Urticaceae. There are around 30-45 species of nettle plants. Out of these the stinging nettle plant is the most commonly used.

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Nettle tea has an array of benefits as it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and iron. Out of these benefits, some of the most common nettle tea health benefits include the following:

·         Sufferers of urinary infections can find nettle tea beneficial. Nettle tea increases the urinary flow and thus patients can find relief from this problem.

·         Nettle tea is great for coughs. It is a herbal remedy and contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory ingredients. They can help to treat any allergies and hay fever.

·         Women suffering from PMS can find that drinking nettle tea can stop excessive bleeding during menstruation and other related symptoms.

·         Nettle tea is a rich source of iron. Those suffering from anemia can find that this is the greatest benefits of nettle tea.

·         Patients suffering from bladder and kidney stones can also find that nettle tea is beneficial.

·         Hair related problems such as hair loss or dandruff can be combated with the use of nettle tea. Drinking nettle tea is helpful and so is rinsing with it. It will leave hair shiny and glossy.

Making nettle tea is very easy. You can use dried or fresh leaves. With dried leaves, take 1tblspn and boil water over them. Cover the mug and allow the leaves to strew in the cup for at least 15 minutes. You can sweeten by adding honey or sugar.

For fresh leaves you should start by washing and chopping the leaves properly. Boil water and then add leaves. Allow the leaves to soak in the water for 15 minutes and strain and discard leaves. Sweeten with honey or sugar.

Although many people will find nettle tea a positive addition to their diet. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and those suffering from blood thinning should avoid nettle tea though.

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