The Amazing Facts About Frogs!

What have you know about frogs? Maybe an animal without tail? or a noisy kind of creature in your backyard. When you know about the Facts about frog, you will amazed their characteristics.

Frog is belong to amphibian family, or animals that can live on water or aquatic creature. They are animals without tail or tailless, they are known as jumpers because they are not walking to move to other direction but they can jump more faster that walking animals. There are different kinds species of frogs from different places of the world, and some of them are identified to its colors.

To know more about these kind of animals, here are some facts about frogs.

Interesting Facts about Frogs:

  • Did you know that frogs are bigger than human 70 million years ago. When scientist proved that during those time, frog can eat baby dinosaurs according to its fossils found in Madagascar. 
  • Group of adult frog is called ” Army of Frogs”. Why? maybe because of their camouflage colors or their different colors that looks like army suits.
  • Frogs only eat something that move, in short they ate different insects.
  • Frogs can change their colors to suit their background as their defense mechanism for hiding against predator.
  • Frogs have their own weapon, a poisonous substance secreted in their body as their defense mechanism against enemies. According to study, their poison can kill human in just an hour.
  • Frogs are known as the best jumper among vertebrates animals. How amazing their skills are.
  • Frogs can create noise sound, as way of their communication. They can make sound individually or in chorus. The purpose of making noise is to allow male to attract their mate.
  • Some frogs are raised  commercially with purpose. Its serve as food and delicacies to some other countries like China, Greece, France, Philippines and Louisiana. 
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  1. DAN MCHARDY Says...

    On April 22, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    I like the fact about frogs being bigger than humans!

  2. papaleng Says...

    On April 24, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Ang palaka, BOW! Inbteresting frog facts, Bobie. Lwearned new things, today.

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